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Millennials currently represent 50% of the global workforce and are set to represent an astounding 75% by 2025. This new wave of talent entering the workplace and the ever rising retirement age combined results in employees who are separated by more than 40 years of age.   

Each generation has its own perspective on what work is and the role it plays in our lives, and these differences often generate huge challenges for organisations: lower productivity, high employee turnover and poor collaboration. 

Project Dialogue will help you bridge the generation gap and embrace generational differences to gain the ultimate competitive advantage. 

More than 80% of Millennials do not think their organisation knows how to effectively manage or motivate them


Enhance Your Competitive Advantage

Each Project Dialogue programme has been designed specifically to improve multigenerational collaboration, heighten self-awareness and increase productivity. There is a particular focus on learning how to motivate Millennials to get the very best out of this generation and tackle the challenge of employee turnover.

Project Dialogue offers 3 solutions that can be tailored to suit your organisational needs: 

Manager 21: aimed at anyone with a Millennial in their team. Focuses on how to get the very best out of your Millennials, debunking stereotypes, ‘coaching’ as the new managing, and understanding values.  

SeedWaves: aimed at Second Wave Millennials (1995—2004). Focuses on honing interpersonal and communication skills, self-awareness, emotional and generational intelligence. 

GenBridge: aimed at all generations throughout the company. Generations gather together and discover how to work together effectively and increase intergenerational understanding. 


Find Purpose and Fulfil Your Potential

Project Dialogue runs Catalyst for Change and PowerMe. Designed for ambitious women who want to discover their life’s purpose, build meaningful careers,  step into empowered self-leadership and live a life of influence, service and success. 

Catalyst for Change: group coaching programme 

PowerMe: bespoke 1:1 programme 

why project dialogue?

Project Dialogue is  a professional training and coaching initiative that aims to support multigenerational organisations cultivate a culture in which every employee can thrive.

Project Dialogue is also committed to give back. This means that when you work with Project Dialogue, a % of  profit is redistributed to your choice of partnered charities working in the following areas: 

Women’s Equality &  Advancement 

Environment & Combatting Climate Change 

Community Education & Training 

Working with Project Dialogue is your opportunity to make a real difference inside and outside your organisation, and raise your commitment to being  a socially conscious employer.  You benefit from a transformative coaching experience and simultaneously give back to initiatives that contribute to real social change. 

FOUNDERLaura Leuillier

I started Project Dialogue after witnessing first-hand the challenges that multigenerational workplaces can bring. My aim is to help employees of all generations collaborate more effectively, to debunk the often negative myths surrounding Millennials, and incite businesses to raise their commitment to all aspects of diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. I also specialise in helping Millennial women find their purpose and build meaningful careers. 

The Multigenerational Workplace: Challenges and Benefits

In the workplace right now, there are 3 generations: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials.  There are two waves of Millennials, First Wave (1982—1994) more commonly known as Gen Y, and Second Wave (1995—2004), more commonly known as Gen Z. 

More often than not, these intergenerational teams are fraught with tension and conflict because of different values, expectations and ways of working. To achieve seamless collaboration and generational inclusion, we need to understand the values, behaviours and lived experiences of an individual – of a generation. 

When generations don’t recognise the others for who they are, their motivation, engagement and productivity suffers. Companies invest large amounts of money in recruiting and developing new talent, only to find that a few years later these employees decide to resign. Old school management,  lack of engagement and misaligned company-employee values are the main reasons Millennials decide to move on. This turnover is costly for your organisation and has far-reaching consequences on your competitive advantage. 

Having a multigenerational workforce should and can be a distinct competitive advantage.  With the right tools, your organisation and every single employee in it can thrive and achieve their best. 

More than 44% of Millennials do not think their organisation is ready to accommodate the new generation

Project dialogue can help you achieve:

1. Enhanced Employee and Organisational Performance
2.Improved Communication, Collaboration & Relationships
3.Improved Competitive Advantage
4.Increased Motivation & Engagement
5.Better Productivity
6.Higher Employee Retention
7.Greater Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

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